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Raeshelle Rose

Software Engineer
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I'm Raeshelle,
conqueror of divs
herald of pull requests
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I create websites for small buisnesses and build web apps for climate awareness, language learning and more. I have a varied history in game development, fiction writing and community management and love to build projects that bring people together. I strongly beleive that everyone has a voice and deserves to have their story told wether the page is in a book or a browser.

A constant in my life has always been adaptability and change. My diverse experiences have nurtured a flexible mindset, leading me to seek new challenges and fresh perspectives in development.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply passionate about climate change and the arts. I am committed to contibuting my skills and knowledge to projects that align with my personal mission to use tech to both be as creative as possible and to help solve enviornmental issues.

As I move forward, I am excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals, learn from industry leaders, and take on projects that make a meaningful impact.

Featured Projects

A redisign of my writing fellowship's website using React

Live Site

A Dungeons & Dragons reference site with versions for both players and DMs. Using a D&D 5E API.

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